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The Gap Housing

Despite the proven efficacy of re-entry programs, most women leave prison without suitable housing and oftentimes find themselves returning to shelters or situations which led them to prison in the first place. To avoid this, SistaH of SurvivaL [S.O.S.] has established The Gap Housing Program in DMV Metropolitan area. At its 2 transitional homes, S.O.S. provides a soft landing for up to twelve women.  The Houses allow residents to deal with life one step at a time, rather than being faced with a barrage of almost impossible obstacles.  Without the worry of finding a safe place to live, The Gap graduates can access the intensive therapy and addiction counseling that is essential to their long-term success. At the same time, they are provided with an immediate source of income through The Gap paid internship program at The Gap Boutique so that they can begin saving for permanent housing.

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Finally, The Gap house provides a community ready to provide support and encouragement as the women navigate the process of reintegrating into society. Residents of The Gap House receives wrap-around services that include addiction programming, as well as medical, dental, and mental health care. As a requirement of their housing, residents attend daily 12-step programs; house meetings; one-on-one meetings with their assigned case manager, which includes connecting residents to health services; trauma therapy; and transitional, subsidized employment at The Gap's Boutique. SistaH of SurvivaL, along with the residents, create a nurturing environment for the women to share the challenges of re-entry, develop their life skills, and ultimately gain independence.

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